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Post-processing of Service NMR Spectra

The raw NMR service data (FIDs) are accessible via WWW by clicking here. Access is restricted to people from the Institute of Organic Chemistry.

Everyone is encouraged to copy the raw NMR data and perform additional processing (different weighting functions, zooms etc.). The data are automatically deleted after 3 years. However, an additional backup is carried out on CD. These CDs are saved permanently.

For processing of raw NMR data, various programs are available:

For any further information, please contact Dr. Walter Bauer.

Since end of 2000 we do have the JEOL ALICE software (1D/2D) which works highly convenient on Windows/PC. A total of 5 licences is installed on various computers in the Institute.

Users who wish to process JEOL NMR data with Bruker's WINNMR software package may convert the JEOL data into WINNMR format by using the "j2b" public domain software written by Graham Barlow (thanks Graham!). We have tested this program, it works very fine. You may ftp download this program. For further instructions, look up the corresponding York University home page.

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Date: May 09, 2007

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