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The head of the Erlangen OC NMR Department, Prof. Walter Bauer, has retired April 01, 2017.

The Institute of Organic Chemistry, formerly located Henkestrasse 42, D-91054 Erlangen, has moved
to a new building, located

>> Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Strasse 10, D-91058 Erlangen <<

There, a new NMR-Department has been set up under guidance of Dr. Harald Maid.

Details of this new Department will be given elsewhere.

This page will no longer be maintained.

The hardware/staff details following below are kept only for documentary reasons and are

no longer up to date!



Head of NMR Department:

Prof. Dr. Walter Bauer

jeol eclipse

NMR meets MUSICIANS 2014

An acoustical journey to the world of atomic nuclei.
How to get tones, sounds and songs out of an NMR spectrometer.
Educational video on DVD released in 2014.

NMR Summerschool 2016
September 11-16, 2016 in Niederöblarn, Austria

Photos of exercise groups Niederöblarn 2016

...and even more photos taken by Norbert Müller

Diskussionstagung "Praktische Probleme der Kernresonanzspektroskopie"
Erlangen, January 15 - 16, 2018



(Click at the thumbnail to see large photo, 300 kB)

  • Prof. Dr. Walter Bauer

  • Dr. Harald Maid

  • Christian Placht


    Remember: the field strength (correct: magnetic induction)
    of an 11.7 Tesla (500 MHz) magnet is 230,000 times that of planet